1:1 business matching program for both buyers and participating brands to provide business opportunities for market support and distribution network expansion.

Step 1.
Please proceed with the online application for buyer registration.
Step 2.
Based on the online application information, the secretariat will screen buyers.
Step 3.
Approved buyers can apply for a bizmatching consultation after checking the list of participating brands.
Step 4.
Check the finalized meeting schedule.
Step 5.
Please proceed with the meeting at the Seoul Living Design Fair.
Buyer Benefits

Benefit 1

Free admission to Seoul Living Design Fair

Benefit 2

Fast-track admission at Seoul Living Design Fair "Buyers Only" registration desk

Benefit 3

Buyer Kit

Benefit 4

Advance access to information on participating brands at Seoul Living Design Fair

Benefit 5

Access to Seoul Living Design Fair online biz matching system

Benefit 6

Admission to Seoul Living Design Fair VIP Lounge

* The above benefits are only available to buyers approved by Seoul Living Design Fair Secretariat.* Approved buyers must be pre-matched with a participating brand at Seoul Living Design Fair and meet onsite.

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